Teacher Training Application

Please complete and submit to Inner Evolution Yoga
(NOTE: Please complete this form ONLY AFTER your application fee has been submitted and received.)

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I understand that if I fulfill all the requirements of the Inner Evolution Yoga Teacher Training, including in-class contact hours, written assignments, class assist hours, class teaching requirements, and receive a passing score on the physical and written final exam, I will receive a graduation certificate, which can be sent to Yoga Alliance where you can receive your 200hr (RYT) Certification. Inner Evolution Yoga does not pay for Yoga Alliance application/member fees. Attendance for the Graduation is recommended for all participants. In the case of individual out of the country certificates will be sent through US mail as long as requirements are met. Paying for Inner Evolution Yoga Teacher Training does not mean I will graduate from the program. I understand Inner Evolution Yoga reserves the right to ask me to leave the training if my behavior is unethical, my behavior is inappropriate or I am becoming a distraction to the staff and/or other teacher training students. I understand I will not be refunded my tuition fee. I understand Inner Evolution Yoga reserves the right at anytime to ask me to leave the training if it appears that my health or physical practice is not at the level to fully participate in the training. I understand in such circumstances I will be given a prorated refund, based on the amount of time I have participated in the training. I understand that the application fee and tuition fee are absolutely non-refundable, no exception. If for any reason the Inner Evolution Yoga Teacher Training is canceled, Inner Evolution Yoga will refund you entirely. Inner Evolution Yoga INC is not responsible for travel costs, food cost, or any other expense that you incur to participate in the teacher training. I understand all the Inner Evolution Yoga Training materials are under copyright protection and cannot be reproduced or copied without the written consent of Inner Evolution Yoga INC. I hereby apply for acceptance into Inner Evolution Yoga Instructors Training Course and agree to abide by the conditions and terms set forth here and in the instructor’s manual.