Philip Fulton

Philip Fulton


Philip Fulton

E-RYT 500

Born in Kansas and raised in Africa, Philip’s unique upbringing and extraordinary life experiences provide him with a progressive and unparalleled insight into teaching yoga. Philip began studying Yoga in 2003 as a means to improve his rock-climbing skills. He couldn’t believe the power and flexibility he developed that took his climbing to the next level. Not only did his physical strength and stamina improve dramatically, but he found mental clarity; that same ‘connection’ that was there on the rock he found on the yoga mat.

Philip has been certified in both contemporary and classic methods of yoga and continues to blend the best of both worlds, resulting in a style the builds not only physical power, but mental strength and agility as well. No matter what physical shape a person is in, from Martial Arts Masters to Executive Assistants, Philip believes that anyone will benefit from the effects of regular yoga practice.

“I’ve had the privilege to work with some of the area’s top athletes, from Olympic hopefuls to the weekend warriors,” says Philip. “Yoga helps take us all to the next level.”