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While Group Yoga Classes are a great place to learn and practice, Yoga remains a very personal journey. Private instruction allows students to be better served in a one on one relationship with a teacher, giving personal attention to specific individual needs. It gives every level of student an opportunity to build a custom class to deepen their personal practice. Some reasons private lessons might be right for you are:

  • You want to work on a specific body part
  • You want to refine a pose or sequence
  • You desire more personal one on one instruction
  • Your practice has hit a plateau
  • You are recovering from an illness or injury
  • You feel  more comfortable in a private setting

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Thai Yoga Therapy is an accent healing art base in the principles of compassion. It provides for deep bodywork in a flowing moving meditation. It incorporates many different techniques such as massage, energy line work, reflexology, yoga, blood stopping. leaving the client feeling invigorated and restored.