Scholarship Info

We believe in the positive effects of a consistent yoga practice. We also believe in making yoga accessible to everyone. Which is one of the reasons we offer a community donation based class every day of the week.

Another way we are working to make yoga accessible is with our IEY Scholarship fund. In a nut shell it’s a fund that helps people afford a yoga membership when they need help the most. Since we have opened we have been able to help people who have lost their spouses, jobs, were depressed or just needed some encouragement. It is a blessing to be able to offer classes to those who genuinely want and need it. The existence of IEY has always been about sharing the idea of how we can live a little healthier, happier and freer from all the stuff were bombarded with every day.

Our Scholarship fund is fueled by like minded teachers and students who believe in their Yoga practice and want to share that with others. We have some very generous students who live their lives with this “pay it forward” mentality. We want to thank those of you who have given so others could receive.

How do you Qualify?

We offer both full and partial scholarships. Scholarships run in 6 month increments giving unlimited monthly yoga, After 6 months the scholarship is reevaluated to determine continued need. If you are in need of financial assistance you can submit a form here. Because funds are limited we can only offer the assistance when we have it available. If you are granted a scholarship you are committing to participating in a regular min 2-3 class weekly practice.

A group of yoga advisers meets every month to review your submissions and vote on the greatest needs and best use of our available funds.

You Can Help

If you would like to help a person who truly “needs” yoga but is unable to pay for membership, you can donate to the Inner Evolution Yoga Scholarship Fund at anytime. Any amount will help.

Some ideas on how to chip in a few dollars to the fund:

  • Donate every time you purchase something at Inner Evolution Yoga,
  • Add a few dollars to your monthly membership fee.

If you would like to contribute to the Inner Evolution Yoga scholarship fund Click Here.

Scholarship Application