“Today was my first day of doing yoga with your studio.  I am an avid runner and wanted to do something that would help my running and my body, and I think I found the perfect solution.  I absolutely loved the class  thanks again!” ~ Valerie

“Beautiful studio, wonderful, kind, knowledgeable teachers. I’ve taken classes from all of the teachers now and can honestly say I enjoy them all.  I especially love the Yin classes because since I usually only do power yoga I find that this class has made me even more aware of my body and how it needed to hold poses longer and deeper.  I love seeing Casper too.” ~ Brian

“I have been practicing yoga at various studios and at home for the last 5 years. I am so grateful to have found this beautiful studio. I love Sandrine’s 5:00 power yoga class. She challenges me to take my practice to a deeper level.  I love the music she plays because it always gives me that push to hold poses just a bit longer and she always makes me smile and laugh.  She challenges me physically and never lets me forget to breathe. Even though I need a shower as soon as I get home cause I get so sweaty I feel like I’ve let go of my days’ stress from work and can be a much nicer, happier person to my family.  Thank you!!!” ~ Steph

‘I started practicing with Phil 3 years ago.  I soon found yoga creeping into other aspects of my life…it’s more than a practice; it’s a way of life. Phil’s voice entering your head, “Best Possible”. Always reminding you, you are in this exact moment, not in the past, not in the future, but here and now and all you can do is your best. I found this so applicable: work, home and socially. My first experience with Sandrine was as a fellow student. Wow, how I was impressed. Graceful, assured and humble. Then I was lucky enough to be her student. The two of them are a great blend. They are similar and yet still provide a unique style to each of their classes–ying and yang if you will. Yoga is an individual experience and they do a remarkable job reminding you their space is a safe place to take it easy or push your limits; supporting you every step of the way. Seeing their dream come to fruition has been such a joy to observe and I feel very lucky to have been a small part of it.” ~ Mona



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