“Today was my first day of doing yoga with your studio.  I am an avid runner and wanted to do something that would help my running and my body, and I think I found the perfect solution.  I absolutely loved the class  thanks again!” ~ Valerie

“Beautiful studio, wonderful, kind, knowledgeable teachers. I’ve taken classes from all of the teachers now and can honestly say I enjoy them all.  I especially love the Yin classes because since I usually only do power yoga I find that this class has made me even more aware of my body and how it needed to hold poses longer and deeper.  I love seeing Casper too.” ~ Brian

“I have been practicing yoga at various studios and at home for the last 5 years. I am so grateful to have found this beautiful studio. I love Sandrine’s 5:00 power yoga class. She challenges me to take my practice to a deeper level.  I love the music she plays because it always gives me that push to hold poses just a bit longer and she always makes me smile and laugh.  She challenges me physically and never lets me forget to breathe. Even though I need a shower as soon as I get home cause I get so sweaty I feel like I’ve let go of my days’ stress from work and can be a much nicer, happier person to my family.  Thank you!!!” ~ Steph

‘I started practicing with Phil 3 years ago.  I soon found yoga creeping into other aspects of my life…it’s more than a practice; it’s a way of life. Phil’s voice entering your head, “Best Possible”. Always reminding you, you are in this exact moment, not in the past, not in the future, but here and now and all you can do is your best. I found this so applicable: work, home and socially. My first experience with Sandrine was as a fellow student. Wow, how I was impressed. Graceful, assured and humble. Then I was lucky enough to be her student. The two of them are a great blend. They are similar and yet still provide a unique style to each of their classes–ying and yang if you will. Yoga is an individual experience and they do a remarkable job reminding you their space is a safe place to take it easy or push your limits; supporting you every step of the way. Seeing their dream come to fruition has been such a joy to observe and I feel very lucky to have been a small part of it.” ~ Mona

“I went to two hot power hour sessions already. The $20 unlimited yoga a month deal is amazing. After I get through the class I feel cleansed and refreshed. The instructor has the room heated, which loosens the muscles and amplifies the experience. I can tell that I’ve improved from the first class to the next. I also appreciate the fact that the teacher takes the time to break down the poses.  Inner Evolution Yoga is a place that teaches me how to embrace physical challenges and rise above them. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in yoga, no matter what level.” ~ Michael

“After doing mat pilates for a while I started feeling like I wanted something more challenging. I found Phil and Sandrine through a mutual friend and have since become completely addicted to yoga! I did try a couple of other studios in the area but the sense of family and the easy going “no competition” atmosphere are what keep me coming back and encouraged me in my practice. There are so many variations to each class that I attend so I never get bored or feel like I have reached a limit. If anyone out there wants a place to call their yoga home, from beginner to advanced, this is the place to come. You will always feel welcome and are guaranteed to meet friends along the way. ” ~ Ammery Philebar

“I have had the pleasure of going to this new yoga studio and I’ve got to tell you it’s the best one I have ever been to. The atmosphere as soon as you walk in the door is amazing and the staff is extremely helpful as well as knowledgeable. The studio itself is very modern in nature while the classes are very challenging and therapeutic.  I am fairly new to practicing yoga and my experience with Inner Evolution has been fantastic. I would recommend this studio to anyone who is looking for the full yoga package” ~ Joshua

“I realized the benefits of studio practice (over DVD’s) almost a year ago and since then, I have been searching far and wide for a the right yoga studio for me. I have found it–excellent instructors who are also kind and dedicated, a beautiful space, so many classes to choose between (many levels and times), fun music, a balance of physical work and life lessons and a welcoming and growing community of diverse people. Some days, I opt for a gentle class and some days I want a workout; in every case, I always leave Inner Evolution Yoga in better shape, both physically and mentally.” ~ Deb Weis

 “I have been practicing Yoga with Phil for a few years. I have always worked out. I have done every class there is; spin/cycle, aerobics, kick boxing, weights, etc. None have done for me what Yoga has done.  Yoga has changed me and continues to change me; mentally, physically, and spiritually.  I used to go to chiropractors, take pain meds, and wear a wrist brace for pains I’ve had.  Since Yoga, I no longer need any of that.  People ask me all the time, how do you stay so in shape? It’s Yoga. I’ve done yoga in different studios, with different teachers.  No one is like Phil.  He always seems to know exactly what I need.  He is genuine, funny, kind…I love him like family.  And Sandrine, well she is the most positive person I’ve ever met.  She can lift your spirit no matter what you are going through. Innerevolution Yoga is my home. I have nothing but “infinite love and gratitude” for Yoga, Phil, and Sandrine! Thank you both for all you do.  You inspire me, lift me up, and help to bring out the “best possible” inner me. You are amazing! I am honored to practice yoga with you and to call you my friends.  Namaste”. ~ Jennifer Batts

“Truly transformational on a physical and even more so on an emotional level – that is what I look back on after having been a yoga student for the past two years. I walked into the studio one day to do “something physical and relaxing” and found so much more! A friend of mine not connected to yoga recently commented that it seems like I “re-invented” myself since becoming dedicated to my practice. I am excited to continue learning and growing with yoga on every level and to experience life and people through this amazing perspective.

Philip has been my primary yoga teacher almost from the beginning. He has a quality that, in my eyes, can not be learned in that he is able to communicate the “essence” of yoga to his students. Phil’s intelligent, sensitive and intuitive teaching style is a true talent and I am grateful to be his student.” ~ Rena Buchanan

“Not long ago my girlfriend dragged me along to Sandrine’s beginner yoga class because she thought it would be fun. After that first class, I declared that I would never return! Now, over a year later, after slowly gaining confidence and with lots of encouragement from both Sandrine and Phil, I’m hooked. As a professional cyclist, yoga has been instrumental in improving my core stability, flexibility and also in controlling my breathing on the bike, three extremely important factors in cycling. Yoga is now not only an important part of my training, but also my life.” ~ Matt Rice

“What can I say but Phil is an amazing instructor. A few months ago (when I was new to yoga) downward facing dog was a challenge, lol. With Phil’s guidance and patience as an instructor I am now stronger and confident. His classes are a breath of fresh air and leave me feeling refreshed, relaxed, confident, and connected with my inner self! If you haven’t tried one of his classes I highly recommend you do. I can only imagine that only the best instructors teach yoga at Inner Evolution!” ~ Stacy Garcia

“Phil is a phenomenal instructor and is very in tune with his students’ needs and allowing them to discover their own limits. I took his breathing & meditation class for a year and one class would rejuvenate me until the next week! I’ve experienced many yoga classes and instructors, but Phil will always rank the highest on my list! Congrats on the new shop and am looking forward to many breaths and stretches in the future there!” ~ Jennifer Mahmood

“About three or four years ago I wanted to try this yoga thing everyone was talking about. I was a member of a gym then so I decided to try there. The lights were on bright and I had to leave halfway through cause I couldn’t control my laughter. I couldn’t get over the upward dog, cat and cobra names. I thought this is crazy, all these animal names! I just didn’t get it. So I tried another class, and another. I just still didn’t get it! I was about to give up on this yoga thing when my friend Jenny Black told me about Phil’s class. She is The Yoga Guru, so I took her advise and gave it a shot.

The beginning of the class was focusing on our breathing. Phil walked us through each step to clear our minds of any troubles or worry. Nothing in the world mattered, at that moment it was only our breath. The air, filling up our lungs – then releasing it, and pushing it out into the world. We then started to go through each pose, focusing on our breath. Things I thought I would never be capable of doing, I was doing. Nothing else mattered in the world except my balance, my breath and my focus. Everything in that yoga room was mirroring my life, my challenges and finding the strength I didn’t know I had. At the end of this enriched workout we laid on our backs, releasing all the energy that was built up. I have never felt such a feeling throughout my body. As I laid there, the feeling became so overwhelming I began to cry… Good tears. Tears of joy, tears of accomplishment. I finally got it… I got yoga!

Time passed by. I moved away, moved back, got pregnant and had a baby. My body was crying out for help. I saw Phil and Sandrine and they told me about their new place. I showed up as soon as I could. There I was again in Phil’s class pushing out the worries and focusing on my breathing. To my surprise it was more challenging then ever before. I had been abusing my body and not taking care of it, as well as my mind. I could barely hold myself up, again this was mirroring my life. Towards the end of the class I was able to accomplish more than I could towards the beginning. I felt stronger, both in my body and mind. Overwhelmed again with joy and tears, I hoped any tears seen would be mistaken for sweat. I walked out of class with a smile on my face. My head was held up high. I was getting my strength back! Not just for myself but for my Grace, my 7 month year old daughter. It made me see her in a different light, a light that I’m guiding for her.
I have gone to two of Phil’s classes and one of Sandrine’s classes so far this week and hopefully again tonight. I have a lot of work to do on this body and mind. What a great journey this inner evolution will be cause, I got yoga again.” ~ Yvette Isais

“Jennifer and I came to our first ever yoga class at Pinnacle BJJ the other night, and I have to say it was an awesome experience. The next day my lower back and hips felt really good….in fact, the evening after class my wife and I both felt physically “reset” as if after a good chiropractic appointment & massage.  To be fair, I felt better than I’d felt in a number of weeks.It was a great experience and we look forward taking more classes with you in the future!” ~ Tony & Jen

“I have known Phil and Sandrine for over 2 years now. When I began taking Phil’s classes, I was not a regular yogi and was not very advanced in my practice. After much diligence on my part and excellent instruction from Phil, I have become a very regular yogi – practicing at least 2-3 times a week, and have advanced in my postures. I have had the honor of taking classes from both Phil and Sandrine, and I believe that I am truly lucky to practice with these two very beautiful, humble, and kind individuals. Not only are they talented yogis and excellent instructors who truly want to help you to achieve your best possible, but they are amazing people. To me, yoga is not simply an excellent work-out, but yoga is a way of life. I have Phil and Sandrine to thank for where I am in my practice today – physically, mentally, and spiritually.” ~ Melissa Bagnell

“I started practicing yoga with Phil over the summer of 2009 and could not have asked for a better way to strengthen my body and mind. Earlier in the year I broke my wrist skiing and was in a cast for 5 months. When I first started practicing with Phil my wrist strength was non-existent, I couldn’t even put weight on it. But throughout the summer I started going to class regularly and eventually regained strength back in my arm. By the end of summer I was doing balances and poses that I had never been able to do, even before my injury. Phil is not only a talented and dedicated teacher but also a genuine person who will enrich your yoga practice and personal life.” ~ Addie Stohler

“I was introduced to yoga approximately a year ago (March 2009) though I was reluctant to try it for many reasons. Most notably, I enjoyed going to the gym to lift weights and do cardio.  I have always been pretty active and played several sports throughout my life.  I figured I was not flexible enough to practice yoga and naturally I was embarrassed to go to a class that I assumed was filled with yoga experts.  In addition, I was under the impression that yoga was too soft of a workout- not nearly enough of a challenge that I was looking for.

A little over a year has passed since I stepped into my first class with Phil Fulton and now, I can’t imagine my life without practicing yoga for both the mental and physical benefits.  In the beginning I was nervous because I was not sure what to expect and what everyone was going to think.  I thought people were going to laugh at me.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Virtually all the people that participated in the class were extremely friendly and welcomed me.  Both Phil and Sandrine introduced themselves and made me feel relaxed which relieved my anxiety.  They said do the best you can and if you can not do certain poses or need a break, it’s perfectly normal.  I couldn’t believe how challenging it was!  I left the class and felt amazing.  Even after a year of practicing, I take breaks throughout class and I can not do every pose…but I enjoy the constant challenge on my mind and body.


In my business, there can be a rollercoaster of emotions due to the volatility of the industry.  This can lead to stressful and sleepless nights.  Besides the physical benefits of yoga, Phil has taught me how to breathe right, clear my mind, and ultimately just relax.  For this I am forever thankful.

I still go to the gym, run races, play intramural sports (softball, football, tennis, and racquetball), go hiking and rock-climbing (which both Sandrine and Phil introduced to me as well).  My strength has improved significantly and I have been less injury prone since I have practiced yoga.

My only regret is not getting introduced to Phil and Sandrine’s yoga classes earlier.  I have become great friends with them and numerous other people in their classes.” ~ Seth Anapolsky

1. You make us feel comfortable, no matter what extent we can complete an asana.
2. You constantly explain to us that Yoga is a journey, where one continues to grow.
3. You are always trying to explain, that one needs to extend the stretches, where it is at the brink of being uncomfortable, but is NOT.
4. The classes are intense, but you add humor, when needed, to break the tension.
5. Your constant reminders to “breathe” ultimately gets underneath our skin.
6. After a hectic week and a busy Friday you do help us “unwind”.
7. You are constantly reminding us to take the “competition” out of our practices, keep our eyes closed, and not worry about what our neighbour is doing.

I feel blessed to be a part of your class.” ~ Ravi


Do you have a story to share about your yoga experience with Inner Evolution Yoga? Have you taken a class with Philip or Sandrine? Share your positive experience and we will post it on this site.


Thank you for your support!