Melanie Summers

Melanie’s first yoga experience came at the age of 17 when she and her mother attended a vinyasa style class together in her hometown of Chandler, Arizona. She had recently left competitive swimming due to injury and was looking for an activity to fill that void. She gradually began practicing more frequently, exploring the spiritual nature of the practice in addition to the physical. Melanie was inspired to pursue teacher training upon going on a week-long yoga retreat, hoping to expand her breadth of knowledge and deepen her personal practice. After graduating from college and moving to Redlands for her job she finally found the opportunity to do so, studying under Phil and Sandrine at Inner Evolution. She quickly realized that she had a passion for teaching yoga, grounded in a philosophy of mindful alignment and movement with breath. Melanie believes the practice is deeply personal and the asana should be modified to the individual. She works to bring all limbs of yoga into her practice on and off the mat and hopes to instill that in those she teaches.