Emily Hudson, 200H RYT

Growing up in Northern Idaho, Emily was first introduced to the practice of yoga through her high school's yoga club. As a marketing student at University of Redlands, she began seeking ways to grow as a practitioner. As fate would have it, she happened to hear of a new studio in town called Inner Evolution. It was love at first class.
Emily's passion for yoga led to a career in the health and wellness industry. Since 2007, her love for communications has been woven into nutrition marketing, yoga studio management, retreat planning, and freelance writing for various wellness publications and concept development clients.
Emily recently dove deeper into the yoga and meditation realms by completing an Ashtanga Vinyasa and Power Yoga teacher training, and by attending a life-changing Vipassana in Sun Valley, Idaho. In addition to her dedicated practice and study of yoga philosophy, she loves travel, fashion, soccer, laughing, great food, and helping others to discover their inner yogi.