May News

We are officially gearing up for the Summer of Yoga here at IEY! There are so many workshop favorites, new trainings, interesting collaborations, and exciting additions in the works that whatever your best possible is, there is something waiting for you at IEY!


Read on for more details on the Arm Balance and Inversion workshop this month and June's 27 Handstand Salute. We are especially excited for our first ever Teacher Training Course starting next month! Let's get ready for the sweat, strength, and breath of the season! 



Philip and Sandrine

Inner Evolution Yoga


ArmBalanceMay Workshop
Arm Balance and Inversion
with Philip Fulton
Saturday, May 11th
1:00 - 3:00 pm
This workshop will tackle a wide array of arm balances and inversions in a way that will dissolve fear and create   Amy Arm Balance a hopeful and playful spaceThe poses are empowering and not only teach us about our inner strength, but about our innate joyfulness and courage. All of this just from replacing your feet with your hands! 
In this workshop we will explore the foundations of arm balances. These funky-looking poses are less about arm strength and more about knowing how to shift your body weight (and your mind), connect to your core power, and apply proper alignment. 
Whether you've been curious about arm balances or fearful of them, this is the perfect opportunity to learn and practice as we safely guide you step-by-step. Arm balances build strength, courage, and fun! Come discover how to ground yourself in a brand new way!
Sign up today, either online or at the studio


Early Bird $30

At the Door $40      


TeacherTraining200 Hour Teacher Training 
June 28 - Sept 1 
10-week course
Friday PM, Saturdays, Sundays

Inner Evolution Yoga Teacher Training is excited to  present its inaugural training session this summer. 

The 200-hour Teacher Training is a transformational journey for the body, mind, and spirit. Our program develops teachers who inspire and skillfully guide others to find their best possible state of being.
Whether you plan on teaching in the future or want the intensive training for your own yoga practice, you will experience a deeper sense of understanding and awareness that bring you more in touch with your true nature and the underlying nature of all things. Learn to guide others through compassion, grace,and integrity.

We offer a comprehensive training that combines the best of the yogic tradition from east and west. The Teacher Training faculty is looking to guide serious students, aspiring teachers, and current teachers to unlock their potential and transform their lives.


The 10-week training will cover a wide variety of teaching and training in the pillars of yoga instruction including: 

  • Training and Techniques
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle, and Ethics

Under the observation of accomplished yoga teachers, you will be evaluated and given feedback on your delivery of basic yoga techniques.


The Teacher Training Course is an in-depth, intensive course that promises to guide you to whole new levels of mind and body. For that reason, it is important that those who choose to take this journey are committed to the entire program and understand the time and effort required. For more details on the composition of the classes and the student expectations, visit our website.


If you're interested, submit an application today along with a $25 non-refundable application fee. Class size will be limited. 

Once your application is accepted, save $400 by reserving your space early.


Early Bird (before May 25th): $1950

After May 25th: $2350


*$300 deposit is required to reserve your spot before June 28th


HandstandJune Workshop
27 Handstand Salute 
with Philip Fulton
Saturday, June 8th
 1:00 - 2:30 pm

It is the return of one of IEY's most requested

workshops---the 27 Handstand Salute! Whether it's your first time or you're an old pro,  you don't want to miss out on a day of tackling our fears and throwing up our feet learning 27 different ways we can get into handstands

all guided by Philip. Come flip your world upside down for an afternoon with 27 Handstand Salute!  

This class is limited to 12 students so sign up today, either online or at the studio


Early Bird $25

At the Door $35


April News

April News

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to all who completed the

2013 IEY 30-Day Yoga Challenge! It was another successful year of you all pushing yourselves and your yoga practice to whole new heights, including a 

5-MINUTE PLANK! We congratulate and commend each of you for your effort and commitment to yourself and we encourage you to keep it going!


There are more opportunities to learn and challenge your "best possible" coming this month. Up first is the 2nd part of the series workshop, Going Deeper: Your Practice Beyond the Poses. This part of the workshop focuses on meditation and kryias. Sign up at the front desk today!


Also this month, is the return of AcroYoga with Ashley and Dylan. This time, the workshop will be a 3-part series so you can gain greater experience through enhanced teaching and more practice. Workshops fill up fast and sell out. Reserve your spots soon!


As we head toward summer, watch for more special events to come including workshops on arm balances, inversions, and the 27 Handstand Salute . In the meantime, we'll see you in class!


Part 2: Sat, April 13
1:00 - 3:00
LotusPEven if you did not attend the first part of this series, you are more than welcome to join us for Part 2! This workshop is open to students of all levels. 


Part 2 - April 13  


Meditation - One of the fundamental principles of yoga is meditation. Philip will guide you through this highly-effective practice of relaxation, breathing, and presence. Kriyas - Cleansing techniques or practices within a yoga discipline

Part 2 only: $40 
Sign up at the Front Desk today!


AcroYoga3-Part Workshop Series:
with Ashley Galvin & Dylan Werner, RYTs
Part 1: Saturday, April 20
Part 2: Saturday, April 27
Part 3: Saturday, May 4
All are 2:00 - 4:00 pm
The perfect marriage of acrobatics and yoga can be found in this 3 part, beginner/intermediate Acroyoga workshop series.Designed for a Level 1-2 yoga student, there are no prerequisites except an open mind and a new perspective. This new approach to yoga willchallenge you in different ways than your normal practice. You will work in close contact with a partner and a spotter, learning trust, overcoming fear and exploring the world from a different view. We will work in groups of 3, so singles, couples and triples are all welcome! 

Part 1: Introduction to Acroyoga
We will cover how to properly spot, base a flyer, and fly! You will learn basic beginning acro poses with a partner, working in close contact, gaining trust and overcoming fear. This class is a prerequisite for Part 2. If you attended the first Acroyoga workshop in January and are unable to attend Part 1, please speak to Dylan or Ashley about moving forward to Part 2.
Part 2:  
Building on Poses
We will review poses from Part 1 and introduce new and more challenging poses. In this workshop, you will learn how to connect basic poses through simple transitions. This class is a prerequisite for Part 3.
Part 3:   
The Next Level
More poses, more transitions, and more fun! This class will be challenging, but still approachable. You will use the tools learned in Parts 1 and 2 to give you confidence to approach these intermediate moves. 
$25 per person/session
$70 per person for Series 
You must pre-register for these classes so sign up at the Front Desk today!