Kristen Matheson

Kristen is fascinated by the power that yoga has to help people through their asana practice and everyday life. First introduced to yoga in 2005, Kristen has developed her practice and enjoys how it complements her love of the outdoors and active lifestyle. A high school science teacher for over ten years, Kristen was naturally drawn to the Inner Evolution Teacher Training program. She brings a fresh approach to students through her emphasis on exploring the balance of alignment and breath while letting go of mind “stuff” and just being in the present moment and pose. When not on her yoga mat, Kristen loves to be active with her fur-babies, Vegas and Maggie- who thoroughly enjoy giving kisses to humans who are practicing yoga poses down on their level. Kristen is excited to share in the adventure of living yoga on and off the mat with her students and the community.

Kristen Matheson instructs the following:
  • Slow, Deep, Stretch
  • Slow Deep Stretch - Time is given with each posture in a relaxed, stretch oriented style of practice which allows you to experience openness and a deep sense of connection with the present. This class will not be artificially heated.

  • Level 1 Community Donation
  • A class that gives back to the community designed to meet the student where they are and give them the tools to evolve their practice. This is a donation class. Making sure that everyone has the opportunity to practice yoga regardless of financial circumstances. A percentage of your donations goes to help local charities.

  • Ground and Restore
  • In the first part of class get grounded with a yin practice focusing on floor-based yoga postures that open & stretch the body in a balanced way, releasing stress, tension, and opening up the energy systems of the body. Followed by Restorative Yoga, where the body is entirely supported by props in order to soothe the nervous system and calm the mind-body. This class may also incorporate other aspects of yoga, including pranayama (breathing practices) and meditation practices. The intention is that you leave this practice feeling more grounded, nourished, and energetically renewed.