Leanna Hamilton

Leanna teaches Vinyasa Flow, where she integrates creativity, strength, and grace. Leanna believes that yoga is a form of creative expression, and encourages this throughout her classes.

Leanna grew up in Redlands, CA, and then studied dance at Belhaven University. In 2010, she was first introduced to yoga, and there was no turning back. She was exhilarated by this foreign exercise where athleticism and creativity were hand in hand. Leanna found that as the dance world became something of the past, yoga became the present. She was able to express her artistry through Vinyasa Flow. After two years of being an eager student, Leanna decided to hop on the band-wagon, and pursue becoming a yoga instructor. She trained through one of her inspirations, Tiffany Cruickshank Yoga.

Leanna's favorite pose is Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Handstand). In a world where you feel like there is no stopping, handstand requires you to stop, and be fully present. Handstand also encourages blood circulation and a renewed sense of mental clarity. Don't be surprised if you find yourself upside-down in one of her classes.

Leanna Hamilton instructs the following:
  • Warm Level 1-2
  • A class Ideal for the student with some yoga experience. Through flowing sequences linking breath to movement, learn how to train the body and mind to increase strength, stamina and focus. This class is designed to prepare the student to progress to the level 2-3. Advanced student welcome as options will be given. THIS CLASS DOES GET WARM AND SWEATY

  • Level 1 Community Donation
  • A class that gives back to the community designed to meet the student where they are and give them the tools to evolve their practice. This is a donation class. Making sure that everyone has the opportunity to practice yoga regardless of financial circumstances. A percentage of your donations goes to help local charities.

  • Level 2-3
  • An active and physically challenging class for those individuals who like to work hard, sweat, and discover their edge. It is recommended that you have some level 1-2 experience as we build on and explore different transitions and poses you have previously learned. This class will be in a heated room.

  • Hot Power Hour
  • An Hour of power vinyasa yoga with the busy individual in mind. You will be guided through stages designed to build strength, burn fat, develop flexibility, and release stress allowing you to get back to work and on with your day in no time! This class will be in a heated room.