Sandrine Petit

Sandrine decided to try yoga after doctors had told her to stop running; it was creating damage to her knees and even though she couldn’t even touch her toes, she gave it a chance. Over the years, she’s developed a passion of exploring the intricacies of what yoga has to offer. “Initially [in yoga] I was very goal orientated, but now I feel it’s so much more – it has truly become an integral part of my life.” It has taught Sandrine to be self-assured while giving her the passion to live life in a way she never thought possible. “I love that I’m continually growing and that I’ve only tasted a crumb of what yoga has to offer.” Sandrine has been blessed to study yoga with some great instructors – both popular and obscure. She currently specializes in teaching a power Vinyasa-flow that will challenge and reward you on all levels. “I encourage you to let go of your preconceptions; listen to your body and challenge yourself with wisdom and love – you are your own best teacher!” Mobile: 909-838-2924

Sandrine Petit instructs the following:
  • Warm Level 1-2
  • A class Ideal for the student with some yoga experience. Through flowing sequences linking breath to movement, learn how to train the body and mind to increase strength, stamina and focus. This class is designed to prepare the student to progress to the level 2. Advanced student welcome as options will be given.